Data Services

Exeter’s Data Services help publishers go digital. Backed by more than 15 years of experience, our data conversion services enable you to not only create new publication but also migrate your existing print versions to multiple digital formats. We can be your single point of contact and can ensure successful content conversions from various data sources in any typeset format as needed by you without compromising on quality.


Our typesetting and page composition services are based on XML-first workflow that preserves the integrity of the XML file throughout the various stages of the production cycle ensuring that the XML file is compliant to the publisher’s DTD at any stage, which means that the XML can be generated literally on demand. These end-to-end page composition services catering to books and STM journals range from simple text pages to those containing complex mathematical equations; single column to multi-column and single colored to multi-colored presentation.We are well-versed in 3B2, InDesign, LaTeX, QuarkXPress and XSL-FO.

Data Conversion

We can convert any composite material such as equations and tables, from any page composition software (such as HTML, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, MS Word) or even hard copies to XML, HTML, MS Word, PDF and ebook formats (PDF, ePUB, Mobipocket, KF8, Nook etc). Our innovative, systematic and best-practice based data capture, archival imaging, metadata creation, DTD/schema development to XML conversion means our data conversion services are of high standards, delivered on time while meeting all your unique requirements. We provide ebook conversion, DTBook conversion – Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) and National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS), XML Conversion, PubMed Conversion Services and more. This includes enhanced ePub conversions with reflow of text as well as audio- and video-enabled, HTML5-based interactive eBooks.

Editorial Services

Exeter’s Editorial Services can help you achieve editorial excellence so that you can stand out and succeed in your publishing goals.

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Artwork & Design

From intricate design templates to simple vector redraws, our creative team has the experience and tools to transform your ideas into dynamic designs.

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Project Management

Our Project Management Services ensure that authors and publishers reap the benefits of our global best practices and proven technologies.

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