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Digital Solutions in India 2019: All Our Coverage

Publisher's Weekly covers some of the most challenging projects in the past and features Exeter Premedia in their series of Digital Solutions in India 2018. Ravi Venkataramani, CEO, Exeter Premedia, reveals how the Exeter team worked on integrating the Schematron into Kriya, its cloud-based publishing platform. He also highlights another project wherein the Exeter team developed a system of audit bots to ensure that various interconnected systems within Kriya are in sync and that the content links are active and valid. (Read More)

New and Noteworthy Product Presentations

Exeter was delighted to be chosen as one of the 13 to present in the 'Lightning Round' session organised by The Society of Scholarly Publishing. Ravi Venkataramani, CEO, Exeter Premedia, had the honour to share vision for the Kriya Packager. (Read More)

Exeter introduces Kriya Packager at JATSCon

Ravi Vekataramani, CEO, Exeter Premedia shares his views on Kriya Packager. He highlights the challenges faced by the publishers over repurposing the content. Read more to know how Kriya does it all for you. (Read More)

Digital Solutions in India 2018: Showcasing their Expertise

Publisher's Weekly featured an article on Exeter Premedia Services, Digital Solutions in India 2018 series. Sowmya Mahadevan, COO, Exeter Premedia Services throws light on how Kriya hosts the articles impeccably online with links to video, images, and metadata from the rich-media delivery partner without any intervention from the clients. (Read More)

Digital Solutions in India 2018: Relentless Digital Momentum

Take a glance at Ravi Venkataramani's featured article in Publisher's Weekly, Digital Solutions in India 2018: Relentless Digital Momentum. He describes how Kriya, a cloud-based publishing platform has continued to listen to clients and further enhance Kriya to best serve the publishing community, delivering happy authors. (Read More)

Harnessing Technology for the Digital Future

Ravi Venkataramani, CEO, Exeter Premedia Services explains how Kriya was enhanced with expert tailoring turning out to be an advanced system for authors and publishers. He emphasizes how Kriya is a one-stop solution for publishers to build a quality product and empower authors, publishers and other project stakeholders with right tools at the right time. (Read More)

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