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Our Project Management Services ensure that authors and publishers reap the benefits of our global best practices and proven technologies in faster turnaround times. We are experts in the business of publishing content and perfected the art and science of editorial styles, we provide end to end editorial services and editorial management that meet the needs of the publishers and authors looking for highest quality and quick turnaround times. Machine learning underlies our editorial processes – thus ensuring a high degree of quality and constantly evolving capability with Exeter’s cost-effective editorial services.


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We provide best copy editing services through our workflow-driven, collaborative and comprehensive copyediting services. We give primacy to retaining the author’s voice and understanding the context through direct interactions with authors. Machine learning-driven examination of the text for flow, grammar, errors, repetitions, style mismatch or any other inconsistencies to ensure a fine copy. The checks provided include -

  • Spelling, including UK and US English.
  • Grammar, including rephrasing sentences.
  • References and footnotes for the style of the publishing, technical accuracy and placements of citations.
  • Appropriate and consistent captioning for figures and tables.
  • Mathematical equationsfor subscripts, uperscripts, exponent and symbols.


Proofreading services, proofreading online, medical proofreader, proofread anywhere Proofreading is perhaps the most important step in producing a ready-for-publication book or journal. Exeter’s highly proficient proofreading service ensures that this crucial check of the copyedited text produces output that is consistent, complies with the publisher’s house style and meets the highest standards. Apart from checking for typical errors in style, fonts, capitalisation, italicisation, hyphenation, correct usage of symbols (for example in equations), we also ensure consistency of typefaces and hierarchies. Be it journal articles, books, PhD theses, dissertations, or proposals in the STM field – we proofread and produce polished content.


An index is not a collection of mere keywords or phrases, but an organized map of contents, including cross-references, grouping of like concepts and other useful information for intellectual analysis (especially, for non-trade publications). The absence of it may make even a good subject content go unnoticed by the reader. Exeter’s professional data indexing service ensures your content is indexed comprehensively with related concepts in different sections of the book being cross-referenced or grouped. We can create simple, keyword based, flat (single-level) author and subject indexes to complex, topical, multi-level indexes for content-intensive books or other publications that increase the value of your publication manifold.

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Our Project Management Services ensure that authors and publishers reap the benefits of our global best practices and proven technologies.

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