We are all about authors and publishers!

At Exeter, we steadfastly believe that authors are the raison d’être for us and the publishing industry. Providing a fantastic experience to authors is the cornerstone of everything we do. It results in superior experience for our clients – the publishers – and all our stakeholders.

It is with this core philosophy that we developed our flagship offering Kriya a cloud-based publishing platform that delivers Happy Authors.

We also provide end-to-end digital publishing services for scholarly publications. Exeter works with prestigious publishing houses across geographies – USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We partner with clients to deliver world-class ready-for-publication digital and print content by leveraging cutting-edge technology, streamlined processes and extensive publishing domain expertise. Exeter carries with it the rich knowledge and experience of working with clients in the publishing industry since 2004, the year it was founded.  We are a process-driven organization and are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified.

Technology is at the core of our evolution – we’ve consciously striven to always stay ahead of the curve in its adoption in order to provide best-in-class capabilities for our clients.

Our Leadership Team