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Exeter’s Project Management services ensure that authors and publishers reap the benefits of our global best practices, proven technologies, skilled professionals and faster turnaround times. We manage end-to-end production of books and journals for print and digital media (multiple online and mobile formats). We partner with authors and publishers, take complete ownership to ensure that their raw manuscripts are turned into finely-polished and ready-for-publication content. Our comprehensive project management services cover:

  Analyzing and understanding the needs of publishers.

  Working together with publishers, editors and proofreaders.

  Interacting directly with authors for query resolutions, seeking copyright permissions for material (figures, tables, text) being reproduced from other published sources), and more.

  Managing all stages of the digital content production lifecycle of the scholarly publication from copyediting, proofreading, typesetting, consolidation of revisions received from authors, editors, proofreaders to a common “master proof” to generation of the final electronic file.

  Tracking, reporting, communication, schedule management and efficient resource management.

The complete project lifecycle from manuscript to the final book or journal is workflow-based (with distinct workflows for books and journals) ensuring efficient turnaround time and cost-effectiveness.

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Project Management

Our Project Management Services ensure that authors and publishers reap the benefits of our global best practices and proven technologies.

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