Exeter Premedia Services has released Kriya – a unified publishing solution that harnesses the benefits of the cloud, collaboration and a virtual workspace to help authors, publishers and other stakeholders build quality publications in short production cycles.

Kriya – a Sanskrit word that denotes a completed action, technique or practice meant to achieve a specific result – allows all the conventional production steps in the publishing workflow, namely editing, review, proofing and indexing, to be performed on the cloud.

The software establishes a high-quality content production environment where all the stakeholders, from the editor to the reviewer, the indexer, and the author, can converge and bring out publications with ease. Kriya’s production interface helps users to edit and review all content conveniently. Using this software, any stakeholder in the publishing production process can easily access content anytime and anywhere. Controls can be built in to cater to different publishing requirements: tracking and reviewing history, tagging content, validating references, indexing, viewing proofs and finally, exporting content to PDFs, XML, ePub, Mobi and other formats. Among the other notable features that make Kriya a one-of-a-kind solution for the publishing industry are rule-based editing, customized workflows, anytime and anywhere access, and the option to publish on demand. The author-friendly interface encourages true collaboration, allows controls to be built in (to avoid unauthorized access and unintended changes to the content) and customization of workflows to suit different publishing requirements.

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