Kriya - a cloud-based publishing platform that delivers Happy Authors

Kriya is built for academic and scholarly publishing and has a number of features that make it intuitive and easy-to-use – both, for authors and publishers. It is highly reliable and enables first-time right production with its highly configurable and flexible workflows, for books and journals.

Kriya for Books

Books have a longer production lifecycle due to their content-intensiveness. Kriya automates the books production workflow and uses advanced machine learning techniques to shorten the lifecycle considerably, while enhancing the output quality. Some salient aspects of Kriya especially designed for books include-

  • Ability to work simultaneously on multiple chapters – chapters could be in different stages of production and authored by multiple contributing authors
  • Shortening of the review cycle – which is typically the cause for delays in turnaround through features such as sense reading, configurable workflows and automated follow-ups with authors, publishers and third-parties involved, if any.
  • Automated indexing – auto-generation of indexes based on subject, author
  • Versioning – backups and tracking across different chapters and users
  • Handles contributed books and monographs – Secure setup with role-based access
  • Control and Visibility – transparency and traceability across chapters

Kriya for Journals

Kriya handles the entire production lifecycle of journal articles for print and online with extremely quick turnaround times. Some salient features of Kriya for journals (which equally applies to books) are –

  • Dynamic, highly configurable workflows and intuitive interfaces
  • Intuitive user interfaces – single-page editor comprising the article content, metadata and supporting assets, automated in-place editing
  • Proof on the fly – with the ability for all users (authors, publishers, others) to generate PDFs at every stage on demand
  • Automated reference validation and citation checks
  • XML-first workflow – single source of truth, NLM and JATS compliant XML
  • Integrated Content Management System (CMS) – change tracking and version history

No IT infrastructure or installation required
Kriya is cloud-based and does not require any investment in IT infrastructure. It is quick-to-deploy – setup for a new publication with customized workflow requirements is done in days. For existing publications, it is self-serve and only requires sign-in of returning users.

Open documented API and secure architecture
Kriya comes with pre-built integrations to several widely used submission systems and aggregators/hosting platforms and has the ability to communicate/ handshake and easily integrate any third-party system using SOAP and REST APIs. It has inbuilt state-of-the-art security features and safeguards to prevent attacks.

Dashboard and reporting
The dashboard and reporting feature truly delights our publishers. It provides a real-time view to publishers on the progress of all journal and books in production with reports to drill into detailed metrics on each. This provides insights at a granular level for further improving cycle times and accuracy.

Why Kriya

Kriya addresses the top-of-mind concerns of publishers and authors – reduce the day-to-day grunt work for publishers, editors, production and for authors – the ease of navigation, alerts, intuitive browser interfaces – ensure a fantastic experience, quick turnaround and reliable output. Kriya guarantees faster time-to-publication of books and journals in multiple digital and print formats. All in a self-serve model with subscription pricing models for books and journals.

Significant technology best practices, learning and innovation went into this transformative solution – and we are deeply passionate about ensuring the core of our platform provides a delightful experience for all our users (authors, publishers, editors, copy editors, proofreaders, indexers and others) and evolves continually.

It’s why our clients staunchly vouch for Kriya.

Have questions? Do go through our FAQs or drop us a line, we would be happy to help!