Frequently asked questions

Kriya is a cloud-based publishing platform that delivers happy authors.  Kriya is built for scholarly publishing and has a number of features that make it intuitive and easy-to-use for both, authors and publishers. It makes the manuscript to ready-for-publication process smooth and simply delightful.

Kriya is for authors and publishers. It is also for all users who have a role in the production process of a publication (book, journal , encyclopedia etc.). This includes copyeditors, proofreaders, indexers and editors.

Of course, you can! Kriya is designed with authors in mind. You can sign on with us to have your manuscript converted to a ready-for-publication output in multiple print and digital formats.

No, Kriya is on the cloud and does not need any on-premise installation.

Yes, Kriya comes with out-of-box integration for all standard submission systems.

Yes. Kriya is an XML first workflow and the content is saved as XML right from the start.

Yes. Kriya can generate print-ready PDFs

Kriya currently supports English and Western Europe format languages.

It’s really very simple. Drop us a line and we’ll get you started in a jiffy.

Do you have more questions on how Kriya can transform your publishing process?