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In today’s world when everything under the sun is going “self,” publishing is also not far behind. Self-made, self-service, self-help, even “selfies” along with self-publishing are all trending. The cutting-edge technology of the day has given self-publishing a high-tech look and feel that is way beyond the imagination of book lovers.
The year 2014 is witnessing some remarkable changes and new trends in the world of self-publishing. Traditional media have adapted to this change and are moving from print to digital media. Ebooks have now become the favourite companion of readers and the most desirable platform for authors. The five major self-publishing trends that have made the headlines around the world are summarized below.

IngramSpark gives tough competition to Amazon’s CreateSpace

The new kid on the block in the domain of digital self-publishing is IngramSpark, the most recent launch of Ingram Content Group. Making the most of the ebook distribution service for self-publishers is now far easier. IngramSpark is being touted as the answer to self-publishing tools like CreateSpace, Lighting Source, and Inkling Habitat. This much anticipated, print-on-demand ebook distribution service offers separate dashboards to individual writers, making it a more sought after tool.

Readers can buy ebooks in bulk using Scribd’s ebook subscription services

As writers are increasingly being spoilt for choice by the numerous advanced tools that are available in order to fulfil their online self-publishing needs, publishers have come up with an equally good offer for readers too. Readers can instantly subscribe to ebooks at a nominal cost of $8.95 per month using the new subscription service launched by Scribd. This service seems like a wonderful opportunity for self-publishers, as they can now directly use Scribd or Smashwords for their publishing needs.

Fascinating and affordable book design templates

With the introduction of new book design templates, you can now create your own book templates in Microsoft Word. Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Yes, but this is not so good news for professional book designers. The Do-It-Yourself book design templates makes the entire process of self-publishing more independent and cost-effective. From over a dozen Word templates that are available on the web, you can download a template of your choice and use it to create a book template that looks as professional and is as authentic as templates designed using Adobe InDesign.

Vook takes on POD distribution to complete the publishing cycle

Vook has gone a step further to make its self-publishing service complete and friendlier for publishers. By taking on POD distribution, Vook provides end-to-end solutions to publishers who prefer to deal with a single service provider for all their publishing needs.

Bowker upgrades to web 2.0

Bowker or R.R. Bowker LLC – whose roots in the industry date back to 1868 – is the exclusive U.S. agent for issuing international standard book numbers (ISBNs). Bowker has served publishers, booksellers, libraries, self-publishers and the general public alike for a long time. The early users of ISBN.org realised the shortcomings of the service and Bowker responded to their feedback by revamping this service and making it user friendly. The Self Published Author.com website launched by Bowker is a rich and reliable warehouse of useful data and information.

Although these trends are continuations of developments that began in 2013, they have facilitated the transformation of self-publishing from a modest and fairly limited phenomenon to one with huge commercial implications, in addition to having earned popularity and widespread acceptance in the publishing industry. Other developments in the near future will merely accelerate the self-publishing revolution in the digital epoch.