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Proofreading is the most important stage in the editorial process. It represents the final check-through before the publication. In addition to correcting normal errors such as errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar, compelling attention need to be paid to maintain consistency in the areas of capitalisation, italicisation, hyphenation and spelling styles. For achieving the best results, it is essential to ensure that the text arrives at the proofreader’s desk after it is professionally copyedited (Copyediting)

Our Specialities

Our proofreading team is proficient enough to catch every minute error and deliver the final output to our clients with highest standard. Our editorial proofreaders take responsibility of checking style, fonts, correct usage of symbols and more, where heavy text and equation edits occur in the page. We check that the typefaces are consistent and hierarchies of headings and subheadings are properly maintained. The page proofs we deliver matches exactly with the specifications or style sheets. After the proofreading is completed, you will have a highly polished text, free from any errors and of high quality, which will appeal to the readers.

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