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An index is a systematic arrangement of entries designed to enable readers to locate information in non-fiction books. Indexes is not a collection of mere keywords or phrases, but an organized map of its contents, including cross-references, grouping of like concepts and other useful information for intellectual analysis. The value of a publication increases many fold by the inclusion of an index. A well organised index is imperative, the absence of which makes even a good subject content go unnoticed by the reader. Today, publishers look for professional indexer who can read and digest the meaning in the book and relate the concepts in one part of the book to concepts in another.

Our Indexing services

Our indexers are subject matter experts in various disciplines such as science, medicine, engineering, technology, business studies and management. We can create indexes varying from simple, keyword based, flat (single-level) author and subject indexes to complex, topical, multi-level indexes for content intensive books.

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