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Copyediting is the art of preserving and bringing to life the expectation of the author on the concerned subject. It is necessary that the copyeditor follows the foot prints of the publisher’s house style or alternatively, create their own style sheet consistent with the best practices. The final copyedited version should be error-free on spelling, grammar, logic, or structure that can detract the discernable reader.

Our Specialities

Exceptional editing is what we at Exeter Premedia are very ardent about. We respect the voice of the author and work together to produce the best book possible. Our copyeditors query the author on all suggestions and discuss with the author whenever required. Our clients trust us to perform this delicate and demanding task. Our experienced offshore copyeditors are trained to perform different levels of editing, allowing them to meet the specific requirements of each publisher’s book manuscript. We have a very strong offshore editorial team to manage light, medium and heavy edit. Our professional editors have extensive experience in the scientific, technical, medical, social sciences, and humanities fields.

Our Copyediting services provide checks on:

  • Spelling, including UK and US English
  • Grammar, including rephrasing sentences
  • References and footnotes for the style of the publishing, technical accuracy and placement of citations
  • Appropriate and consistent captioning for figures and tables
  • Mathematical equations for subscripts, superscripts, exponents and symbols

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