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Managing the end-to-end production of books and journals for the print and online media as well as hand-held devices are critical and pose a challenge to publishing services providers. Hence, publishers are on constant look out for the right vendors who could handle their projects end to end.

At Exeter Premedia, our project managers ensure smooth transition of manuscripts throughout the production cycle and guide the project to a successful completion. Exeter Premedia’s effective Project Management ensure that the tasks are executed in time with high quality. Our Project Managers enable publishers to meet their demands using our editorial and content production teams and delivering more efficient production and faster turnaround. Our flexible offshore production and service models suits the customized workflows of customers.

Functions of our Project Managers include:

  • Coordinating with copyediting, composition, and indexing teams.
  • Handling the review process.
  • Working together with publishers, editors and professional proofreaders.
  • Tracking schedules, milestone activities and targets.
  • Collating revisions received from authors, editors, proofreaders to a common “master proof” from which the corrections are quickly incorporated into the electronic file.
  • Contacting authors to seek copyright permissions for the use of their artwork.

Exeter Premedia Services would be your preferred partner for streamlining and handling publishing production process end to end.

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