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The joy a reader derives from flipping the pages physically and unveiling the next suspense of the fiction from a hardcover book is delightful. However, the ease and ecstasy eBooks offer is divine! Though, both print and eBook offer different scales of reading experience, researchers have been keen in understanding the exact factors like effectiveness, audience reach, and ease of distribution, popularity and reader’s preference. Various surveys conclude that most factors are in favor of the new-age eBook concept.

eBook and the Profit equation:

Perfection in the preparation and promotion ensures the most important step, profit. Preparation of an eBook from concept to creation demands thought, research and effort. The process can be draining but with proper initial planning and thorough market research, eBooks can be extremely lucrative. Distribution and promotional aspects also matter when it comes making decent earning. Initial planning involves deciding on topic, target audience, eBook feasibility, and concept originality, budget and cover design. It is also important that your eBook offers value for the money invested by the reader.

Promotion of the final product is as crucial as creating it. Undoubtedly, the magic word for successful promotion is ‘Internet’. Publishers could potentially use this technology to supplement eBooks through links in social media or any alluring information relevant to the story. A vital tool for promotion is kindling the excitation among the buyers. The readers become promoters themselves by sharing links and posting information relevant to eBook, thereby increasing its reach. Regardless of in-house advertising, internet promotion must also be strongly considered for a healthy future of digital publishing.

eBook reads the reader:

Putting books online will also change how we find and talk about them. Reading has largely been a solitary and private act for many years. It is an intimate exchange between the reader and the words on the page. However, with the rise of digital books, the activity is now measurable and quasi-public. eBook helps publishers to understand the reader patterns like the time he spent reading a specific page, skipped introduction or skipped pages, pages he shared, pages he re-read, terms used to search for a particular book, etc. all at an instant.

With such benefits, even the major players in e-book publishing like Amazon, Apple and Google are showing interest in acquiring a larger market by creating eBook apps for tablets like the iPad, Kindle Fire and Nook.

The Era of eBooks:

Publishing has been lagging far behind than rest of the entertainment industry, for reader review is the only one tool of analyzing the success. Retailers and publishers were least aware on how people engage with books, and their likes or dislikes about it. It was barely a postmortem measure of success and couldn’t shape or predict a hit. However, the real-time success figure of the emerging eBook concept is ensuring that booksellers, publishers and tech companies change their insight completely towards digital publishing.