XML, a web-publishing format which is media independent, has become the new standard for web-publishing platform. XML is highly flexible, versatile, scalable and can be validated. XML conversion transforms documents that are usually in unstructured format to structured, dynamic and functional format.

Exeter Premedia does XML conversion of books, journals, manuals, digital content, magazines, manuscripts and other unstructured documents. We convert PDF files to searchable XML and provide digital conversion services from original format such as MS Word and Excel. We also produce XML, SGML, HTML and other structured formats from hard copy, MS Word, PDF or any other document format. Our clientele includes Publishing houses, Academic and Research institutions, Libraries, Corporate bodies, Government organizations and Technological institutions.

Our XML conversion services include conversion from the following formats:

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • TXT
  • WORD
  • SGML
  • RTF
  • CSV
  • Hardcopy
  • Digital copy
  • TIFF
  • InDesign, Framemaker, Quarkpress

In addition, we also undertake DTD creation and development, XSLT/CSS creation and development.

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