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K. Venkataramani

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Venkataramani has worked for more than a decade in several countries as the Director for large global conglomerates. He has successfully started a number of enterprises and led growth initiatives in many industry sectors. He has been a consultant to one of the leading players in the publishing industry and is acknowledged for his expertise in all managerial aspects of the premedia business. Mr. Venkataramani is a graduate engineer with 40 years of international experience and expertise in general management.

Ravi Venkataramani


Mr. Ravi Venkataramani has a strong experience in management, delivery, and transformation of content and is an adviser to various large corporations in this field. He has successfully won and managed several large consulting engagements to deliver content management solutions. Mr. Ravi Venkataramani has a Masters Degree in Engineering (M.S.) from the University of Texas at Austin.

S. Vijayakumar

Technical Director

Mr. Vijayakumar possesses extensive experience in the e-publishing industry in creating SGML/XML DTDs, designing process flows, executing them, creating style sheets such as CSS, XSL, DSSSL for mark-up languages and files for hand-held devices. Mr. Vijayakumar graduated from the University of Madras, Chennai, India.